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February Favourites!

22 Feb

Hey everyone!

This will be my first ever favorites post, so I hope I don’t mess up! I will be sharing my favorite trends, make up, beauty products, songs and films! Enjoy!

Make Up!

This month, I have been loving Revlon’s new Photo Ready foundation! To be honest, I actually fell in love with it in the Christmas season because it looked amazing in all the photos I took, it makes your skin look so even and toned out. I’ve discovered that it looks great without any setting powder etc. But it does stay longer with it on. I LOVE Revlon’s products anyways, so getting it without reading reviews was an easy choice for me. If you are looking for a light, foamy, product that can be used everyday and more formally, this product is a musty-must!

Beauty! (non make up)

This February, I have been loving SO MANY lotions, creams, soaps etc. It was so hard trying to pick just a few so here is my fave out of the whole lot!

Ultimate Organics: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moisturizing Body Lotion –

First of all with this product, I would like to rave about how much it SMELLS GOOD! It’s like kiwi, oranges, Shea butter and coconut all mixed together! It’s fab! This product is great when you’re going out in the cold as it keeps in the moisture in your face for you. It comes in a 355 ml plastic bottle with a squirt nozzle and a cap. Even though it is such a good product, I recommend not putting it ANYWHERE near your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. It has quite a few hefty parfums, so it might cause some people to break out. I have LOVED this cream and will definitely be buying again in the future!


This month has been quite a boring month for my hair. Since there hasn’t been anything fantabulous going on, I’ve have just had it Plain Jane. BUT, I have just discovered an amazing product from who else but my favorite brand? REVLON! Yayy! This is the REVLON Realistic Lottabody Setting Lotion. This is great for anyone as a substitute for liquid/gel. It really holds in place but can feel a bit stiff at times. Its not the best thing for everyday hair, but one off times makes it really great. Quite a bad thing about this is the fact that it makes hair quite tangy unless you brush it through and it doesn’t hold on big clumps. It is a great product and a salon fave, but it holds a lot of mixed opinions! Sometimes you love and sometimes you hate it!


This month eye catching trend is…. Camouflage! Everyone is going crazy about this, I swear! Camo jackets have especially been popular, teamed up with last years hottest trend, studs. This bring out fierceness in even the most simple or cute outfit. Camos are usually green, but there are also so many different colours you can get them in, blue, pink, purple etc.


There’s been a whole lot of new releases this month, but I went to see a film that was actually released FOUR MONTHS AGO! I know that’s a little late, but I loved it too much not to mention it! And the film is….. Rise of the Guardians 3D!! This film brought a tear to my eye and honestly made me believe in magic a little more again! It’s a beautiful story of all the little guardians that we grew up on, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny etc. It combines hope, tragedy, determination and magic all together and is truly in the list as one of my faves!


My favorite song of February is…… Get Up (Rattle) Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement! Now, is it me, or do cute ducks at the park in a music video automatically make you tuned in? I love the tune and the beat and the video and the setting and everything about this song! I’ve found myself bopping around in Sainsbury’s one too many times with this song in my ears! Its also ALWAYS on repeat on my phone… Addicted much? This tune is so cool and I bet that its set to be a big one for the coming months!

Well people, that is the end of my February Favorites! I hope you enjoyed my reviews and maybe even check out some of the things I mentioned? Get in touch if you do!

All my love,

Nat x


Teen Acting and Modelling – The Steps

22 Feb

Teen Acting and Modelling – The Steps

Acting and modelling in teens is very ‘popular’ right now. More and more  young TV shows, programmes etc are hitting our screens. With this, more and more kids want to be involved, their parents also willing to pay whatever amount of money to see them on the big screen. This post is for those who REALLY do want to take acting and modelling seriously and want to get started on the industry.

First ask yourself, will I be committed? Will my parents  be OK with the times I might need to get off school or the money they have to pay? You need to really think it through, once the moneys been spent and you’ve said you’d be committed, there is no turning back.

Its good to have a foundation base. Going to a Drama club, dance classes or anything like that. Even the smallest thing could give you that little ‘oomph’ to progress further. Try out scripts from the internet and imagine yourself saying it to a proper director at an audition. Try different poses in the mirror and also check how photogenic you are. The most important thing you need is confidence. Confidence is the most ESSENTIAL thing. You could be horse poo at what you do, but if you have confidence, you’ll win them right over!

Get an agent or sign with an agency. This is important because then how else are you going to find jobs? This is also the hardest part and the part I messed up on. When choosing a reputable agency, you need to gather information and READ EVERYTHING THROUGH. There may be hidden charges, cracks in the information etc. Make a list of all the agencies you have seen, then give them ratings, such as their past clients, awards they have, do they hold auditions or not, is the money worth it? Also look on forums about this. Ask around, get as many details as you can. Why? Because once you’ve given them your money and you realise how bad they are, you’ll be kicking yourself in the shins.

Once you’ve got an agent, it depends on your experience and skill to be chosen for jobs. Try getting as much little experience as you can as it adds up. Once you have got a few jobs, you will get in a routine. At jobs, make sure you interact well, talk to the director or the photographer. Ask him /her how their day has been. Be polite, talk to the rest of the cast or other models. Don’t be afraid to speak out and make sure you feel comfortable in what you are doing. This is important to be successful.

Lastly, just enjoy what you do.  Don’t brag about it at school, it will make you less popular. Keep it quiet. Be on time to castings, be polite, practise your lines/poses and most of all, be yourself!

All my love,

Nat x

Decisions, Decisions

15 Feb

Just a few fays ago, my school held an Options Evening where I got to go around with my parents to learn all the different options I can take for my upcoming GCSEs. Initially, I was going to take French, Geography and History. My two humanities were heavily criticized but there was no way I could choose which was more beneficial for my future. My options Evening persuaded me to take Drama, a great subject not just for my acting career, but also, for confidence skills. I want to become a lawyer when I am older. I could have a fantastic case report with evidence and all the defense, but all that could be lost if I can not stand up and present myself. I want to be heavily involved with the public and other people in my job, but all that is not possible if I am one of the shy kids that hides behind my mother’s legs.

French is also an absolutely critically vital subject. Not only do I get an English Baccalaureate award if I take it, but it is also one of those clean polished subjects that shines on a Uni Application, so for those reasons, French is a no-no for dropping!

History and Geography are my lovelies! It would break my heart to drop either of them as they are such academic and interesting subjects. But what is really doing my head in is the fact that I can’t drop either of them as I am too good and too interested in both!

My head is going to burst! All I’ve heard these past weeks is “Take French!”, “The EBacc is vital” Drama will benefit you!” “Think about your options!” “Don’t rush!” “GCSEs this” “GCSEs that” It is so hard to look for an opinion that is not biased as whatever teacher you ask, they want you to take their subject!

I have still got a month to choose what I want, but now it is half term all I want to do is relax and I’ve even banned everyone in my family to say “GCSE” because just the word gives me headaches. I think that by the time the break is over, I will have a my mind up… Let’s hope so…

All my love! Nat xx

Hello February!

5 Feb


Hello February!!

I genuinely cannot believe its February already! It seems like only yesterday we were saying hello to 2013! I have a feeling that 2013 might not live up to 2012 standards, but in the famous words of Ellie Goulding, Anything Could Happen!

I made a list of all the things I expect of February and things I might need to get done, but we all know I am the Queen of Procrastination…

  1. Find a Valentine… (Yeah, like that’s going to happen)
  2. Set my school End of Term targets. GCSEs are edging nearer every second and I still haven’t made my mind up about Options.
  3. Appreciate the small things in life. Like that nice bus driver who always smiles at me in the mornings, or that cute Year 7 boy that asks for hugs.
  4. DON’T shout at my sisters. Which is quite nearly impossibe given the fact that I have officially concluded that they are physically and mentally unable to follow instructions.
  5. DO HOMEWORK ON TIME! This is IMPERATIVE as I nearly always end up doing work the morning of the due date when I had plenty of time, like I mentioned earlier, I am the Queen of Procrastination.

Now, lets hope I can actually get this done, but knowing me, I can make the easiest things harder. With a little help from my friends (see what I did there? 😉 ).

Thank you for reading!

All my love, Nat x