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Teen Body Image

9 Mar


Today I’ll be talking about something quite sensitive, but an issue that NEEDS to be pinpointed. Body Image. I know for a fact that teenagers lives revolve around society and celebrities, I am one myself. Some kids spend hours on end on Tumblr, reblogging pictures of stereotypically ‘perfect’ girls. While others scan Instagram photos of the hottest celebrities, kicking themselves for not being skinny enough. They believe that is the reason for their problems. The reason that they have no friends, the reason that they didn’t get the lead for the school play and no matter how hard you try to persuade them that they are fine the way they are, they wont listen.

Take TV channels like Disney for example. They advertise a bunch beautiful girls, living lives where if something goes wrong, they resolve it by bursting out in a song. They are all role models in the eyes of common 12 year old. It could be just a ‘phase’, but by the time they reach15, 16, 17, it could have developed into a full scale eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

The only way we can pinpoint this issue is by showing real people on TV. People that actually exist, not materialistically manufactured barbie replicas that have just been plonked on the spotlight. This is just wrong.

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Nat x