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Hello June!

1 Jun

Hello Everybody!Image

I’m back! I know I haven’t been on for ages and ages but I blame exams! I’ve been so wrapped up in my final exams and revision that I haven’t had time to even think about blogging, but I have so many new exciting topics, product reviews and posts that I can’t wait to share with you guys! So, greetings aside, let’s get on with this post!


June! I cannot believe that it’s already June! Summer is here and we’re all digging out our bikinis and sun cream. June’s our last term before the summer holidays and I couldn’t be more excited for the 7 weeks of rest! Here are this month’s goals!:

1. ATTEMPT to get a bikini body (I have a strange feeling that that’s not going to happen…)

2. Start up my vlog channel! I want to keep everyone updated with my summer and take you along to all my adventures with my friends and maybe even on set!

3. Help out with house chores?!? I have no idea how this is going to go, but I am prepared to give it a try!

So that’s June in my ‘Hello’ series! I hope you enjoyed reading, if you did, please like it below! You can also tweet me at @NatanimF


Hello April!

1 Apr



Hello April!

Finally! The first rays of sunshine are peeking through what seems like an everlasting winter darkness! March has fluttered by really slowly, maybe because we all just wanted a break from this dramatically elongated winter? Yes, I think so! I have a feeling that this month is going to give us a surprise, am I the only one that thinks it might shake of the feeling that 2013 isn’t destined to live up to it’s expectations? I hope not!

There is so much going on in the world right now, it’s easy to see April is going to give us something special, sunshine for a start! I think myself and the entire British population is losing faith in this weather. OK, maybe it was alright back in January when it was snowing and that gave us a few days of school (and an opportunity to miss the French exam), but we are getting tired of this hopeless weather.

Unlike the goals I set in my March post of the ‘Hello’ series, I really haven’t got anything for this month. I still need to work on my procrastination issue and start doing things as soon I am given it, but I am moving through and managed to do things not the day before it’s due!

So that’s my welcome to April done, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and are looking forward to all my other posts in my ‘Hello’ series! You can tweet me about this blog or any other post at @NatanimF! Looking forward to hearing from you!

All my love, Nat!





Hello February!

5 Feb


Hello February!!

I genuinely cannot believe its February already! It seems like only yesterday we were saying hello to 2013! I have a feeling that 2013 might not live up to 2012 standards, but in the famous words of Ellie Goulding, Anything Could Happen!

I made a list of all the things I expect of February and things I might need to get done, but we all know I am the Queen of Procrastination…

  1. Find a Valentine… (Yeah, like that’s going to happen)
  2. Set my school End of Term targets. GCSEs are edging nearer every second and I still haven’t made my mind up about Options.
  3. Appreciate the small things in life. Like that nice bus driver who always smiles at me in the mornings, or that cute Year 7 boy that asks for hugs.
  4. DON’T shout at my sisters. Which is quite nearly impossibe given the fact that I have officially concluded that they are physically and mentally unable to follow instructions.
  5. DO HOMEWORK ON TIME! This is IMPERATIVE as I nearly always end up doing work the morning of the due date when I had plenty of time, like I mentioned earlier, I am the Queen of Procrastination.

Now, lets hope I can actually get this done, but knowing me, I can make the easiest things harder. With a little help from my friends (see what I did there? 😉 ).

Thank you for reading!

All my love, Nat x