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February Favourites!

22 Feb

Hey everyone!

This will be my first ever favorites post, so I hope I don’t mess up! I will be sharing my favorite trends, make up, beauty products, songs and films! Enjoy!

Make Up!

This month, I have been loving Revlon’s new Photo Ready foundation! To be honest, I actually fell in love with it in the Christmas season because it looked amazing in all the photos I took, it makes your skin look so even and toned out. I’ve discovered that it looks great without any setting powder etc. But it does stay longer with it on. I LOVE Revlon’s products anyways, so getting it without reading reviews was an easy choice for me. If you are looking for a light, foamy, product that can be used everyday and more formally, this product is a musty-must!

Beauty! (non make up)

This February, I have been loving SO MANY lotions, creams, soaps etc. It was so hard trying to pick just a few so here is my fave out of the whole lot!

Ultimate Organics: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moisturizing Body Lotion –

First of all with this product, I would like to rave about how much it SMELLS GOOD! It’s like kiwi, oranges, Shea butter and coconut all mixed together! It’s fab! This product is great when you’re going out in the cold as it keeps in the moisture in your face for you. It comes in a 355 ml plastic bottle with a squirt nozzle and a cap. Even though it is such a good product, I recommend not putting it ANYWHERE near your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. It has quite a few hefty parfums, so it might cause some people to break out. I have LOVED this cream and will definitely be buying again in the future!


This month has been quite a boring month for my hair. Since there hasn’t been anything fantabulous going on, I’ve have just had it Plain Jane. BUT, I have just discovered an amazing product from who else but my favorite brand? REVLON! Yayy! This is the REVLON Realistic Lottabody Setting Lotion. This is great for anyone as a substitute for liquid/gel. It really holds in place but can feel a bit stiff at times. Its not the best thing for everyday hair, but one off times makes it really great. Quite a bad thing about this is the fact that it makes hair quite tangy unless you brush it through and it doesn’t hold on big clumps. It is a great product and a salon fave, but it holds a lot of mixed opinions! Sometimes you love and sometimes you hate it!


This month eye catching trend is…. Camouflage! Everyone is going crazy about this, I swear! Camo jackets have especially been popular, teamed up with last years hottest trend, studs. This bring out fierceness in even the most simple or cute outfit. Camos are usually green, but there are also so many different colours you can get them in, blue, pink, purple etc.


There’s been a whole lot of new releases this month, but I went to see a film that was actually released FOUR MONTHS AGO! I know that’s a little late, but I loved it too much not to mention it! And the film is….. Rise of the Guardians 3D!! This film brought a tear to my eye and honestly made me believe in magic a little more again! It’s a beautiful story of all the little guardians that we grew up on, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny etc. It combines hope, tragedy, determination and magic all together and is truly in the list as one of my faves!


My favorite song of February is…… Get Up (Rattle) Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement! Now, is it me, or do cute ducks at the park in a music video automatically make you tuned in? I love the tune and the beat and the video and the setting and everything about this song! I’ve found myself bopping around in Sainsbury’s one too many times with this song in my ears! Its also ALWAYS on repeat on my phone… Addicted much? This tune is so cool and I bet that its set to be a big one for the coming months!

Well people, that is the end of my February Favorites! I hope you enjoyed my reviews and maybe even check out some of the things I mentioned? Get in touch if you do!

All my love,

Nat x