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The Displaced View of Africa

3 Apr


I wanted to take a break from all the fashion/beauty blogging for a second and talk about something else that is quite important. I grew up in an Ethiopian family with very patriotic parents. If you know Ethiopia, you know it is what everything Africa stands for: Hope, Freedom and Goodwill. I was born in Ethiopia but left at a very young age, so young in fact, that I can’t remember anything. Due to this fact, my parents know that I would grow up with a westernized view on everything and anything. From a young age, they taught me not to believe everything on the media. Take the Great Famine in Ethiopia in the 90’s, this particular event was broadcasted around the world and put a completely wrong and displaced view into everyone living in the West. Now, when you ask someone, “What can you tell me about Ethiopia?” They’ll answer “It’s a poor country”. Even the highly intelligent ones will only probably be able to muster out something about Emperor Menelik II or Haile Selassie.

This is what I don’t understand and believe is wrong. Obviously because I am Ethiopian I would know what it is really like, but it hurts inside that such a beautiful and unique place, that still carries out traditions from thousands of years ago, should be portrayed as a politically disturbed country with nothing going for it. This applies not only to Ethiopia, but the rest of Africa as well. The whole continent has become a stereotype. Africa is the first place that comes to mind when you say ‘Famine’ but the last when people think ‘unique landscape’ or ‘diverse people’.

I really hope that this issue is pinpointed in the coming years and Africa will be known as a continent of hope and strength.

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All my love,

Nat x